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Are there any precautions I should take as a user?
Are there any precautions I should take as a user?
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Customers are advised to adopt the following security precautions and practices:

a. Install anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software in their personal computers and mobile devices. 

b. Update operating systems, anti-virus and firewall products with security patches or newer versions on a regular basis. 

c. Remove file and printer sharing in computers, especially when they are connected to the internet 

d. Make regular backup of critical data 

e. Consider the use of encryption technology to protect highly sensitive or confidential information 

f. Log off the online session 

g. Clear browser cache after the online session 

h. Do not install software or run programs of unknown origin 

i. Delete junk or chain emails 

j. Do not open email attachments from strangers 

k. Do not disclose personal, financial or credit card information to little-known or suspect websites 

l. Do not use a computer or a device which cannot be trusted 

m. Do not use public or internet cafe computers to access online services or perform financial transactions.

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