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How do I participate in the crowdfunding round?
How do I participate in the crowdfunding round?

Here's a guide to manually investing in a note during the crowdfunding round

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There are 2 opportunities per note for investors to invest their desired amount: the pre-crowdfunding and crowdfunding rounds. The pre-crowdfunding round is when Auto Investment happens, and you can check to see if you have been allocated into a note. For those wishing to manually invest during the crowdfunding round, this is the process of how you would participate.​

Please note that some product may not open for manual investment. If a particular investment does open, all eligible investors will be notified

  1. Pre-crowdfunding round: Factsheet and Auto Investment status

Pre-crowdfunding round happens before the crowdfunding round, at least 3 hours before the actual crowdfund begins. This is when you can check the note factsheet to understand more about the available investment opportunity. Also, this is when Auto Investment happens, and when you can check if you are Auto Invested into this note. If you have not been Auto Invested, fret not - the crowdfunding round is when you can still invest in this note. Even if you have been Auto Invested a certain amount into this note, you can still participate during the crowdfunding round, to top-up to your desired amount or the maximum investment limit.
2. Logging in for the crowdfund

Having decided from reading the factsheet that you wish to invest in this note, the next step would be to take note of the crowdfund time. Be sure to login slightly earlier or on time, to not miss out on the opportunity!

3. Entering in desired crowdfund amount

Once logged in, enter the "browse loans" section to find the note, and then type in the amount you wish to invested in "Investment Amount". Your investment amount is subjected to any minimum or maximum limits, or the general minimum investment amount of $20 for our notes. After which, you can click on "Confirm Investment" to secure your investment amount in this crowdfund.

Can I withdraw or reduce my investment in the crowdfund?

Yes, it is possible for you to remove or reduce your investment amount that was entered during the crowdfund round, as long as the note has not been fully filled. To do so, you can request for us to adjust your investment in the chat function (chat bubble in the bottom right of screen), and we will do so promptly.

I can't seem to invest during the crowdfunding round - it ends too quickly.

Because our crowdfunds work on a first-come-first-serve basis, some of our notes fill up very quickly, even within seconds! This would depend on investor demand and the note volume. Hence, we advise you to login on time, and refresh the page to ensure timely participation! We are working on securing more investment opportunities for you, to meet your demands. In the meantime, do reach out to us if you are facing any technical difficulties during the crowdfund.

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