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Are there exclusive deals for Accredited or Institutional Investors?
Are there exclusive deals for Accredited or Institutional Investors?
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Yes! As Funding Societies grows, there will be certain crowdfunding deals that we can't offer to all our investors. Due to regulatory reasons, we can only crowdfund up to SGD $5 million within a 12 month period for any individual SME.

Investments from Accredited (AI) or Institutional (II) Investors are exempt from this cap, so as a way to meet the needs of SMEs exceeding the $5 million cap, these Investors will get access to exclusive deals.

How to tell if I'm an Accredited Investor?
If you have:

  • Net personal assets exceeding $2 million, or

  • Net financial assets exceeding $1 million, or 

  • Income in the preceding 12 months is not less than $300,000.

Amounts above in SGD, can be the equivalent amount in a foreign currency.  

I am an Accredited Investor, how do I declare and get access to exclusive deals?

If you are an Accredited Investor as per the above definition and keen to explore exclusive deals you need to declare to participate. 

To declare, just upload to this page, the scanned copies of the following documents:

  • For declaring based on assets: Latest investment account statement, Property deed/title, bank account statement, any other document with proof of asset and value, or;

  • For declaring based on income: Latest Notice Of Assessment (NOA) or latest 6 months payslip.

We'll respond with a form to sign. A more automated process for opting in and out of Accredited Investor status will be coming soon.

Are there any other benefits to declaring as an Accredited Investor, apart from exclusive deals? 

  1. Exclusive invites to our High Net Worth events.

  2. Enjoy Gold loyalty tier benefits, such as enhanced Auto Invest features, with a free upgrade for 1 year.

I am an institutional investor, how do I declare?

Please reach out to us here for further details.

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