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What happens when the platform is down?
What happens when the platform is down?
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A well run service would require regular maintenance and Funding Societies is no different! A scheduled maintenance message will be displayed on our websites in advance and we will avoid any crowdfunds to happen at that time.

In the event if there’s an unforeseen down time, you may still contact our team via live chat or email and we’ll be happy to help on anything within office hours, including:

  • Raise a withdrawal request

  • Register deposits made

  • Request for fact sheet of an ongoing crowdfund

  • Disable or make changes to Auto Invest settings

  • Opt out of an existing investment (applicable when note isn’t fully funded)

If the unforeseen down time happens after office hours, do contact us via the details below and we would respond by the next working day and we will assist you to the best extent possible.

Live chat : Click on the chat bubble at the bottom right

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