Setting Up Auto-Invest 3.0

Make investing even easier: here are the various selections you can make to be automatically invested!

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Click on Settings at the top left and you can see the option to create a new bot which leads you to the product selection.

Funding Type

Select "Business Term Financing", "Invoice Financing" or "Property-based Secured Financing" from the drop down menu.

Interest Rate and Tenor

You will be prompted for your preference of notes to be invested in, which includes the period of tenor and interest rates.


You will need to select the industries that you do not want to invest in, and they will be left out of your selection.

Amount Range

You will also need to specify the auto-investment range which you are comfortable with. The amounts you can set as your minimum and maximum auto-investment amount will depend on your loyalty tier.
(Note: If the minimum investment limit is higher than the maximum auto-investment amount you have selected, you will not be included in the auto-investment.)

Exhaust Balance

You have the option of enabling your auto-invest bot to exhaust your available balance, if it should ever fall below the specified auto-investment range that you set. However, this will only be possible if your balance also falls within the minimum and maximum investment limits of the note.

Here are the different scenarios that can happen, with your selected auto-invest range and option to exhaust your balance:

Finally, click on the "Save" button and your auto investment preferences will be captured in the system!

To find out more about the auto-invest algorithm and process, take a look at this article:

Here are some additional auto-invest settings that are available to investors of higher tiers: 

For Silver tier and above:

Max SME Exposure

This allows you to set the maximum percentage of outstanding funds that the Auto Invest Bot will allow in a single SME.

For Gold tier and above:

Max Industry Exposure

This allows you to set the maximum percentage of outstanding funds that the Auto Invest Bot will allow in a single industry.

Minimum Company Age

This sets the minimum age of companies that you wish to be auto-invested into.

Minimum CBS rating

This sets the minimum credit score of companies' personal guarantors that you are comfortable with, to be auto-invested into the note. However, if the company only has corporate guarantors, this rating selection will not apply. 

Quantum-based Auto-invest Range

This allows you to specify different brackets of minimum and maximum auto-investment amounts, based on the note volume.

Pre-Crowdfunding Round

During the pre-crowdfunding round is when you can check if you have been auto-invested into a note. If you were not auto-invested into the note, an error message will appear to explain why.

Note: Changes made to your auto-investment preferences when any note is already visible on the website or app, will only take effect for the next crowdfunding. 

If you decide to not invest in the note after reviewing the fact sheet, you can always opt out from the auto-investment! Simply click "Opt-Out" on the note card. 

Note: Once you have opted out of your auto-investment, there is no way to reverse it. If you change your mind and wish to be invested, the only way to invest is to participate in the crowdfunding round.

Crowdfunding Round

Alternatively, if you wish to top-up your auto-investment, you can do so by participating in the crowdfunding round. Also, if you were not auto-invested, you still have the opportunity to participate in the crowdfunding round as well!

To find out more about applying your investment preferences to your auto-invest settings, do check this article out:

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