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How do I change my bank account?
How do I change my bank account?

Let us know when you've changed your bank account to ensure future withdrawals always reaches you quickly.

Written by Investor's Assistant (Sean)
Updated over a week ago

You would have provided us your bank account details when you first registered with us.

You can change this at any time by emailing us at from the email address that is also your account username. Alternatively, you can inform us through the chat feature as well.

For security and verification reasons, we ask that you provide us with proof of ownership for the new bank account, like a copy of the bank statement clearly showing your name and address, the account number and the name of the bank.

All future deposits should be made from the new bank account, and subsequent withdrawals will be paid to the new bank account as well.

If you'd like to keep more than one bank account on file, you certainly can but you must select a default bank account where all withdrawals will be paid to. Deposits can be made from any of the bank account that you have registered with us. Adding multiple bank accounts will require written notice and proof of ownership as well.

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