What is an escrow?

Understanding our MAS-appointed escrow agency, and the benefits of using one

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At Funding Societies, we have engaged Vistra, a licensed trust company under the purview of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, to hold your funds. Vistra acts as an escrow agency, receiving and disbursing money for the primary transacting parties, with the disbursement dependent on conditions agreed to by the transacting parties. 

This helps to mitigate concerns over mismanagement of funds, ensuring that your funds are appropriately received and handled. In absence of an escrow account, your funds would have been transferred into the business account of the platform instead. This brings into question whether the funds are handled properly as there is no guarantee that your funds actually go to the SMEs as investments. Similarly, SME will want to ensure that their repayments go to investors like you, instead of being held by the platform itself. 

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