How do I sign up as an investor?

Opening an account is free-of-charge, and takes just 5 simple steps. Follow these steps to start investing on Funding Societies!

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Sign up via Singpass


Mobile App

*Mock sign up is for illustration purposes only

Sign up by manually filling in your information

These are the 5 simple steps as part of the onboarding process to become an investor:

Step 1: Click here to create your profile. 

Step 2: Upload a scanned copy of the following documents for investor application:

  • NRIC (if you are a Singapore Citizen)

  • NRIC + Passport (if you are a Singapore Permanent Resident)

  • Passport + Proof of Residential Address* (if you are a non-Singaporean residing overseas)

  • *Proof of Residential Address (not older than 3 months) - utility bill, credit card/bank statement, letter from government bodies or landline telephone bill (do note that mobile bill is not accepted); for non-Singaporeans residing overseas holding an overseas bank account, upload your Bank Statement to serve as your Proof of Residential Address

Step 3: You will receive a verification email from us, click on the link in the email! After which, you can log back into your account and take a quick 2min Suitability Assessment and continue to tell us more about yourself.

Step 4: Once the due diligence process has been completed, make an initial deposit into the escrow account (account details will be provided on the Deposit page). Remember to upload the transaction receipt, which should show your account number, our escrow account number and the amount transferred.
Note: The requirement to transfer a fixed minimum amount only applies for the initial deposit. For subsequent transfers, there is no minimum amount required. 

Give us 1  business day to confirm the deposit and activate your account.

When your deposit has been confirmed, you can begin investing

Tracking your sign-up progress

Throughout this onboarding process, you can check your progress when you log in to our website or app.

In the meantime, download our investor mobile app to invest and monitor your portfolio on the go! Available for Android and iOS users. 

Assurance is given to customers and users of internet services that online login access and transactions are adequately protected and authenticated.

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