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What does Funding Societies do?
What does Funding Societies do?
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Funding Societies is a debt investment platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. Debt Investment lending is already a well-established concept in USA, the UK, China and among many other countries. 

We are a friendly and secure online platform for SMEs owners to start or grow their businesses by providing access to funding from retail, accredited as well as institutional investors. Like our name suggests, we are committed to improving societies in Southeast Asia, through funding worthy SMEs.

Here at Funding Societies, we are dreamers with a strong belief that SMEs are the foundation of our economy and the embodiment of individual dreams. 

Kelvin Teo, co-founder of Funding Societies, benefited from an opportunity that changed his life. He hopes to pay it forward by helping high potential SMEs and individuals to achieve their fullest potential. Reynold Wijaya, our other co-founder of Funding Societies, recognizes the importance of support and funding to SMEs and is similarly determined to help SMEs grow. 

In doing so, we help SMEs secure financing for growth and investors get good returns for their investments. We offer six different products: Business Term Financing, Invoice Financing, Property-backed Secured Investment, Guaranteed Property-backed Investment Revolving Credit Facility and Guaranteed Returns Investment. Our investors invests in these notes and earn returns through the interest paid by the SMEs. 

Debt investment lending is an attractive source of funding for businesses and an alternative investment opportunity for investors with returns comparable to most traditional instruments. It could become your source of passive income. 

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