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Disclosures on FSPL's related parties participation on the platform
Disclosures on FSPL's related parties participation on the platform
Written by Zulaiha B
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As a Capital Market Services (CMS) License holder, Funding Societies Pte. Ltd. is required to implement processes and policies to ensure that all investors are reviewed on a fair and transparent basis before onboarding them.

Related parties of Funding Societies may participate in the notes from time to time. All related parties will be identified through the application review and periodic review processes.

FS Capital Pte. Ltd. (“FSC”, a related entity to Funding Societies Pte Ltd.) may under various scenarios participate as an investor to ensure that the notes are successfully funded. The following are various scenarios that FSC will participate in the crowdfunding:

  • Urgent Issuer Driven Requests: In very urgent situations where Issuers request disbursement.

  • Pilot-Testing and Validating New Products: As new products carry unpredictable and unknown risks, to test and validate these products, FSC will invest its own funds and these products will not be offered for crowdfunding under the testing phase.

  • Anticipating Crowdfunding Needs: If there has been very limited response during the crowdfunding phase, FSC may provide support to maintain the momentum of the crowdfunding initiative.

  • Addressing Shortfalls towards the end of Crowdfunding: FSC may consider to make up for any shortfalls within one day before disbursement, i.e. nearing the end of the crowdfunding phase, that arise due to insufficient participation across the crowdfunding channels (e.g. manual injection, auto investment triggered, and manual investor contributions).

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