Here at Funding Societies, we offer three products to help you get the business financing that you require. For SMEs with loan requirements less than $100,000, you can apply through FS Bolt:

For business expansion and project financing, we offer Business Term Loans:

For working capital needs, you can pledge your invoices (accounts receivable) to us and receive cash upfront by Invoice Financing:

Note: Invoices must be issued to a locally incorporated business. For invoices billed overseas, Trade Credit Insurance must be purchased by the Seller for the invoices.

The loan tenure for Bolt and Business Term Loans range from 1 to 12 months, while the tenure for Invoice Financing extends up to 120 days after the funds have been disbursed.

Both Business Term Loans and Invoice Financing do not require collateral and are secured with Personal Guarantee of the Director(s) of the SME.

Directors can also choose to pledge residential and commercial properties to obtain a Property-backed Secured Loan. Being collateralized, interest rates tend to be lower than an unsecured loan of similar terms.

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