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What documents should I provide for my FS Bolt loan application?
What documents should I provide for my FS Bolt loan application?
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Listed below are the documents you might need to upload, depending on the type of loan you're applying for. To see exactly what you need to upload, please look at your loan application.

Corporate Documents 

  • Bank statements must show a list of all credit and debit transactions including month-end balances for the previous 6 months from date of application

  • If a submission is made on or past the 10th of a month, please upload the previous month's bank statements

  • Only company bank statements are accepted, except for sole proprietorship where we can accept personal bank statements

  • If the company uses more than 1 bank account, please upload what you believe to be the primary operating account. Providing additional bank account statement information could save processing time.

Individual Documents 

For all directors and shareholders holding more than 25%:

  • Identification documentation (see note below)

For personal guarantors:

Please note that each application requires at least one personal guarantor.

Identification documentation requirements

For Singaporeans or Permanent Residents:

  • “Live” front and back photo of your NRIC or FIN

For Non Singaporeans and non Permanent Residents:

  • “Live” photo of passport

  • Proof of residential address (PORA). We accept:

  • Utility, telephone (land-line only) or tax bills with name and address clearly marked on

  • Bank or credit card statement with name and address clearly marked

  • Government issued, or other public body letters with name and address clearly marked

  • Rental agreement (tenancy agreement) with clearly marked name and address

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