We hope you are as excited as we were when we first started out! Once your investment account has been activated, you can begin to invest in the various loans that are available on our platform. To start, here's a brief timeline of the investing process:

Set up auto-invest:

Setting up auto-invest enables you to automatically invest into loans that you are comfortable with.


Pre-Crowdfunding happens at least 3 hours before crowdfunding commences. This is when you can check if you have been auto-invested into the loan, and opt out if you wish to. There will also be a fact sheet published for you to review the investment opportunity. Once your account is fully activated (i.e. after your initial minimum deposit of SGD $500 has been confirmed), you will receive an email alert once a loan moves into Pre-CF status. 

Do note that any changes to your auto-invest settings that happens during the Pre-Crowdfunding round will only take effect in the next crowdfunding. 


This is when you can manually invest in a loan. A loan would remain in this status until the entire loan amount is fully funded. Sometimes smaller loan amounts are fully funded in a matter of seconds. We aim to optimize the number of investors who can participate in the loans by setting minimum and maximum investment amount limits. 

Disbursal of loan:

Once the loan is fully funded during the crowdfunding round, it will be disbursed to the borrower. It takes about 1 business day for funds to be disbursed to the borrower. You can check the loan status in your portfolio, to track the progress of the loan you have invested in.

Repayment by borrower:

Depending on the various repayment schedules for our different products, repayments will be paid to your Funding Societies account. You can also check the repayment status of loans in your portfolio. Repayments can be used to reinvest into other loans as well.

Making your first investment 

Now that you are familiar with the investing process, here's how you can make your first investment! Since you may not have set up auto-invest yet, you can follow these steps to begin:

1) Sign into your account here 

2) Go to the “Browse Loans” section to view the ongoing funding opportunities. The ones with “Crowdfunding” status are available for investment. You will also receive email notifications when any loan enters the pre-crowdfunding round.

3) Click on the Loan ID to view the Factsheet which would provide details of the loan and business. Take note of the time that crowdfunding begins, if you wish to participate in it.

4) Once it is time for crowdfunding, you can login to your account again. Input the amount you want to invest under the “Investment Amount” column and check the box next to it. The minimum investment amount starts from as low as S$20. Depending on the total loan volume, the maximum amount could be capped to allow as many Investors as possible to participate.. Click on “Confirm Investment” to complete your investment! 

Loans will only appear in the Browse Loans page when in the Pre-CF status, Crowdfund status and Success status and are separated into the Business Term Loan, Invoice Financing and Property-backed Secured Loan tabs. Any investments made in the same day, including auto-investments, will be shown in the Your Investment(s) Today tab.

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