Listed below we've explained some of the errors you might see if you are using Auto Invest. 

Error: You are not high enough in the queue to be auto-invested. You can manually invest when the crowdfund goes live.

Explanation: Auto Invest is based on a queuing system. Because we have lots of investors wanting to deploy funds, not everyone can invest in each opportunity that comes up. To make it fair, we use a queuing system to determine which investors should be allocated. Your queue number was too low this time, but you have a high chance of getting in next time. 

How can you move higher in the queue? You'll automatically move higher if you miss out on an investment.


Error: Your account balance {{balance}} is below your auto invest setting {{amount}}.

Explanation: For Auto Invest to work, you need to maintain an account balance that is above your auto invest setting. To increase your balance you can wait for repayments or make a deposit.


Error: Your auto-invest settings exclude you from this investment.

Explanation: This investment does not fit into the guidelines that you have provided us in your Auto Investment settings. If you want to be included in future investments like this, you'll have to adjust your settings to allow for it.


Error: Your account balance {{balance}} is too low. 

Explanation: Your account balance is below the minimum allowed investment for this opportunity. Click here for info on making a deposit.


Error: Your specified amount {{amount}} is less than the minimum investment, {{min_invest}}.

Explanation: You've specified an amount in your Auto Invest settings that is lower than the minimum investment set for this opportunity.

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